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The Dulcamara Story started to run in 1994 but actually lots of years before.....

WELCOME to DULCAMARA -N O R W A Y- We breed and show Bichon Frisé, Poodle & Minismooth Dachshund, in Scandinavia.

Dogs have always been a part of my life - and when I did not own a dog myself I was taking care of the neighbors' dogs.

I bought my first dog, a German Shepherd bitch, in 1974. She was a fantastic dog, that was first and foremost used within the obedience. With time, dogs have gotten smaller and the "obedience - period" has come and gone. Now it's breeding and show that is the passion.

  • The first litter came in 1994, and the breed was Bichon Frisé - Poodle in 2006
  • Kennel Dulcamara was FCI approved in 1996.

I have always chosen dog breeds out from what they were originally bred to do. Dobermann, Collie and Whippets have been a part of the Dulcamara family. Through time, this has changed from obedience and service dogs to todays Bichon Frisé and Poodle, which are "all around" and good family dogs.


  • Our Kennel name draws it's inspiration from the natural treatment, homeopathy and the homeopathic agent, "Dulcamara"

Working with dogs is the world's best hobby and a life without them is unthinkable. I'm a Family Therapist and Homeopath and I work with childeren and their families and as a homeopath daily, while my free time is spent on working with our lovely Dogs.

By time, since 2007 my daughter have joined the kennel and helping out with showing, training and grooming the dogs. She is Pedagogic educated and working with children. She is also a Dog Trainer and love to train the dogs in free time.

The dogs are beloved family members and live together with us. At home we try to keep the numbers of dogs down, as they need a lot of love, care and attention. Pups grow up inside and learn early to familiarize themselves with ordinary household noises. We think this is the best start for Dulcamara's puppies.

  • All Dulcamaras puppies with pedigree from NKK - FCI.

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